Penalties for Boating under the Influence

Summer is here. Law enforcement agencies across the nation have launched safety awareness campaigns especially relating to driving under the influence, which usually increases during the summer months. What many of us do not realize is that a number of arrests for being under the influence of alcohol also occur on the water. The dangers of drinking and driving are common knowledge, but the risks of drinking and driving a boat or “boating under the influence” are less known.

According to statistics and reports, boaters with a blood alcohol content level of over 0.10 percent are 10 times more likely to die in a boating accident then someone boating sober. Also, 34 percent of all fatal boating accidents every year happen as a result of someone drinking and operating a boat
The penalties for being convicted of boating while intoxicated in Southern California can be as severe as a DUI. Penalties include fines, jail time and probation. Obviously, boating under the influence is a serious crime that can have terrible consequences, but being wrongfully charged with a BUI is also a big deal. Don’t leave your future up to chance. If you have been charged with boating under the influence, call a California boating under the influence defense lawyer right away.

If you choose to drive a boat this summer, please keep the alcohol on shore and practice safe boating habits. If you have been charged with a boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do not hesitate to contact the skilled BUI and DUI attorneys at Sitkoff & Hanrahan. We have offices throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego Riverside and Ventura counties. Call 866-430-8383 for your free consultation. We can help.

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