California Considering Marking Sex Offenders’ Licenses

California is considering legislation that will put a distinct mark on sex offenders’ driver’s licenses. The Huffington Post reports that the mark could be a distinctive stripe or color. Assemblymen Paul Cook and Pedro Nava authored the bill, which either marks driver’s licenses of sex offenders or forces them to carry a new government-issued ID card. This bill is just another possible penalty in a long line of legislation imposing harsh penalties for convicted sex offenders in California.

Convicted sex offenders don’t just face jail time and fines in California. Sex offenders are already required to register in the city in which they live. A few clicks online by their neighbors will bring up their address, information and sometimes even a photo. Convicted sex offenders face numerous challenges including finding a place to live and finding employment. These laws, restrictions and penalties are little consolation to the victims of sex crimes, but they are substantial and life-changing for wrongfully accused sex offenders.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you should contact a California sex crime defense attorney. Do not speak with police until after consulting with a sex crimes defense lawyer. Remember, anything you say to the police or prosecutors will be used against you in court during your sex offense trial.

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