California DUI Checkpoint Leads to Many Citations

A recent Press Enterprise story reported that a Riverside sobriety checkpoint yielded only one DUI arrest. Officials say 2,830 vehicles went through the checkpoint. Of those vehicles, 1,110 cars were stopped. 93 citations were written (traffic citations are usually written for traffic or minor offenses), 74 vehicles were impounded, 58 drivers had suspended or revoked licenses and one person was arrested for a DUI.

If you are arrested or cited at a California DUI checkpoint, you should know about the rules police officers must follow at a checkpoint. First, the location of all checkpoints must be made public in advance of the checkpoint. They must advertise the location through television or newspaper ads. Police officers are supposed to pull over vehicles by a mathematical formula. They are not supposed to profile drivers or stop drivers because of their appearance. If you are pulled over because an officer thinks you may be intoxicated, you may be asked to perform field sobriety tests, commonly referred to as FST’s.

A DUI charge must be taken seriously. Even a first-time conviction can lead to jail time, fines and mutliple points on your license. If you are a commercial driver, you may lose your commercial driver’s license and lose your job if you are convicted for DUI. If you travel for work, you may have to find other means of transportation to continue working; as license suspensions or license revocations can last for up to three years for a DUI charge. Repeat offenders face even more severe charges. If you have been accused of DUI, please contact a Southern California DUI attorney.

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