Ignition Interlock Devices for CA DUI Offenders

An ignition interlock device, or IID, tests a driver’s breath and prevents a vehicle’s engine from starting, when the individual is determined to be have too much alcohol on their breath or they a under the influence of alcohol. A driver must first blow into a small handheld alcohol sensor that is connected to the dashboard. This device has a preset acceptable blood alcohol level which is usually around .02 percent and .04 percent.

If the person’s breath shows a blood alcohol level higher than the pre-set level, the car will not start. Many of these devices also have a rolling retest that forces the driver to breathe into it again during the drive. This is to ensure that a friend didn’t take the test for the driver and then let the driver leave on his or her own.

A number of states including California are beginning to require IIDs for repeat DUI offenders or even first-time offenders. There is no question that having to install an IID adds to the cost of a DUI. The cost of installing and maintaining an IID is about $60 a month. California is one of several states that mandate ignition interlock devices for repeat DUI offenders. Counties such as Los Angeles and Orange can even require IIDs for first-time offenders.

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