California to Vote on Marijuana Legalization

Did you know that you can legally have medical marijuana in California prescribed to you, legally purchase it from an authorized marijuana distributor and then get arrested for possession of a controlled substance under federal law? Marijuana laws in California can be complicated and confusing. The majority of people arrested for drug crimes related to marijuana are small-time users who possess marijuana for personal use with no intent to sell. Millions of taxpayer dollars and countless hours of the court’s time are spent prosecuting these cases.

According to a Reuters article, on Nov. 2, Californians will vote to potentially make California the first state in the United States to legalize marijuana. Currently, possession of an ounce or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense that carries a $100 fine. If it passes, the new law would make this possession legal for those over 21-years-old. In the meantime, Californians must continue to sort through the complicated drug laws that currently exist.

Remember that if you are facing drug charges in California, it is important to have proper legal representation to help defend your rights. The penalties for a drug crime conviction can be severe. Often Orange County drug crime arrests are made after illegal search and seizure operations by the police. Do not plead guilty to any drug crime charges without first seeing what an Irvine drug crime lawyer can do to help getting your charges thrown out.

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