Malibu Man Arrested for Sexual Assault

Police have arrested a man for sexually assaulting a jogger in Malibu. CBS News reports that the 35-year-old Malibu jogger had just completed her run at Point Dume State Park when she was grabbed from behind. After a reportedly lengthy struggle, the jogger escaped by jumping off the cliff to escape. A 31-year-old San Bernardino man was arrested for the assault, after his DNA was matched with DNA found under the jogger’s fingernails. She suffered only cuts and bruises.

The severity of a California sexual assault charge can depend on many factors. Even as a first offense, a sex crime conviction can carry jail time of up to one year. If you have previous convictions your punishment may be much more severe. You may be forced to register wherever you live as a sex offender and carry the stigma of a dangerous criminal — even if you were wrongfully convicted.

There appears to be a growing amount of false accusations with sex crimes. DNA evidence is not always as reliable as many people assume and mistakes can be made. If you are falsely accused of a sex crime you should not talk to the police without having a sex crime attorney present. Anything you say can be misconstrued and used as evidence for the prosecution.

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