Canadian Man Arrested in California On Sex Crime Charges

A 24-year-old man from Canada has been accused of luring a minor for sex and showing up at her California home, according to a news report in the North Bay Nugget. The man reportedly rode his motorcycle 3,000 miles to have sex with a minor in California. Prosecutors say the man sent her graphic text messages and photos. The girl is 17 years old and therefore considered a minor. The young man has been charged with contacting a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense, annoying or molesting a child, and sending obscene material depicting a minor. He is currently in jail without bail waiting to face these serious charges.

Soliciting sex from a minor is a serious offense. California has a long history of enforcing severe penalties upon accused sexual offenders. In this case, one must wonder if the accused really knew the age of the girl. Police will probably go through their online discussions and text messages to fully determine their relationship. In such cases, there is always the possibility that there was some type of miscommunication between the two parties involved.

In sex crime cases, it is imperative to seek legal representation right away before talking about your case with officers. They will attempt to get a confession out of you. Remember, any statement you give to officers may be used against you in court. California sex crime defense lawyers understand the ramifications of a sex crime conviction and know how to come up with a strong defense strategy with the goal of getting your serious charges dismissed.

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