Up to 88 People Will Face Sex Crime Charges after Los Angeles Club 907 Raid

The Los Angeles Times reports that officials arrested eighty-one women and seven men on various sex offenses during a raid at downtown Los Angeles hostess club named Club 907 at 9th and Hill Streets. Police conducted a two-month investigation after observing the club was beyond capacity limits during a routine business check. Police have stated that they did not observe sex acts, but that they did witness multiple lewd acts and solicitation of prostitution. Many of the 88 people arrested could be charged with sex crimes such as soliciting prostitution and other lewd acts.

Lewd conduct and prostitution are serious crimes in the state of California. According to California Penal Code Section 647, any person “who solicits anyone to engage in or who engages in lewd or dissolute conduct in any public place or in any place open to the public or exposed to public view” is guilty of a misdemeanor. Penal Code 647 also makes it illegal to accept an offer of money or materials in exchange for a sexual act. These are serious sex crime charges that can carry heavy penalties.

When police officers conduct sex offense raids, and make multiple solicitation of prostitution arrests at once, it is possible for mistakes to be made. People have similar sounding names, physical descriptions could differ only slightly, and the arrestee could have been arrested for uttering words that were not intended to be a solicitation of prostitution. Even an earlier misinterpreted conversation with an undercover officer may have resulted in an arrest that lacked probable cause. Individuals may have been arrested who actually committed no crime.

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