Double Murder-Suicide Domestic Violence in Fountain Valley Connected to Child Custody Dispute

Three lives have been lost due to domestic violence in Orange County, California. It is believed that a 40-year-old man killed his 46-year-old wife and their 8-year-old daughter. He then committed suicide. The Orange County Register reports that the apparent murder-suicide took place at a Fountain Valley home on November 5, with a woman being shot in the driveway and the man and child dying inside the house. Police found several other individuals hiding in a bathroom in the house.

According to the article, law enforcement believes a child custody dispute may have played a factor in the domestic violence and deaths. The woman filed a petition to dissolve the couple’s marriage last month. However, no specific custody arrangement had been established. Police officers arrived at the scene after receiving reports of domestic violence.

Violent incidents similar to this story raise many questions, pose unimaginable challenges to grieving family members, and can send waves of shock through a community. From a legal standpoint, no violent crime is ever easy to investigate. Domestic violence, such as battery, spousal abuse or murder charges expose you to the most challenging times in life. This is why someone charged with domestic violence or spousal abuse will need attorneys with years of experience.

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