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The criminal record system in California is supposed to serve as an accurate report of criminal convictions. Companies that involve children, such as schools and daycare facilities for example, perform extensive background checks on their employees as they should, to keep children safe from violent offenders and sexual predators. According to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times, the California criminal records system, which almost all employers rely heavily on during the hiring process, is rife with errors and inaccuracies.

The report goes on to list a number of problems with the criminal records system. Information about a number of convictions has never been entered. Additionally, there are about 7.7 million cases where the cases’ outcome is not listed. This means that if someone was wrongfully charged, but acquitted, they could still have a criminal record – even if their charges were dismissed. It is not clear how many people have been affected as a result of these inaccuracies.

There are many consequences of being charged with a serious crime in Southern California. Anyone facing criminal charges would be well advised to seek legal guidance from a skilled criminal defense attorney. The stakes of a criminal conviction or having a criminal record are extremely high.

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