Southern California Law Enforcement Agencies Actively Pursuing Drug Offenders

Drug crimes are not only a huge problem in California, but are also a major issue of concern throughout the nation. According to recent FBI reports, drugs and drug-related offenses account for about one-third of all arrests. California has led the nation when it comes to arrests for possession and sale of controlled substances and narcotics. According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s statistics for 2009, 28 percent of all incarcerated inmates are there primarily for a drug offense. Last year alone, 10,310 inmates were enrolled in prison drug treatment programs.

A recent news report in The Acorn states that law enforcement officials are also aggressively pursuing drug offenders by joining forces to conduct raids – even outside of their jurisdictions. When it comes to drug crimes, it seems as if there are no boundaries. The article gives the example of a drug case in November when two Simi Valley teens were arrested on suspicion of dealing heroin in East Ventura County. Also, in September, a Simi woman was arrested for operating a cocaine delivery service, which covered Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and the San Fernando Valley.

Agencies are now teaming up with one another and pooling their resources more than ever to apprehend drug offenders. However, it is still imperative that these agencies and their investigators follow proper policies and procedures while conducting these raids. If you are facing drug possessions, sales or transportation charges in Los Angeles or Ventura counties, please contact Sitkoff & Hanrahan for a free consultation. Our Ventura County drug crime attorneys will make sure that your Constitutional rights were not violated. We have helped numerous clients charged with drug offenses, such as meth or marijuana charges, get acquitted or have their charges considerably reduced. We have also helped clients obtain alternative sentencing such as drug diversion, Prop. 36, and admission into drug treatment programs instead of jail time. Call us today at 866-430-8383 to find out how we can help.


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