Soap Actor Arrested for Selling Cocaine

A former “Days of Our Lives” actor has been arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs out of his Los Angeles County home. According to The Malibu Times, the 20-year-old actor was arrested at his Agoura Hills home for selling cocaine. It is not clear from the report how much cocaine the authorities seized. He was charged with one count of possession as well as one count of selling cocaine within 1,000 feet of an elementary school. If convicted, he faces up to nine years in state prison.

California’s drug distribution laws make it illegal to possess, transport, manufacture, and sell cocaine. Individuals charged with cocaine-related crimes could face years of incarceration and fines. These penalties are enhanced if the alleged crimes occur near a school.

Under California Health and Safety Code 11353.1 (1), defendants may face additional penalties if a drug crime involved cocaine and “occurred upon the grounds of, or within, a church or synagogue, a playground, a public or private youth center, a child day care facility, or a public swimming pool, during hours in which the facility is open for business, classes, or school-related programs, or at any time when minors are using the facility.” The enhanced punishment for a cocaine-related drug crime on school grounds can include an additional year in state prison.

It is common in drug distribution cases, particularly those that occur near a school, for prosecutors to pursue the harshest punishments available. Anyone facing drug distribution charges in Los Angeles will need the assistance of a skilled drug crime defense attorney to review the facts and fight the charges. In some cases, it is possible to have evidence dismissed and charges dropped. In other situations, an attorney may negotiate for reduced penalties and alternative sentencing.

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