Seeking Rehabilitation to Lessen DUI Charges

You have probably seen countless headlines that read, “Famous Actor Checks into Rehab Following DUI Charge.” With DUI cases, the accused driver will often be held until he or she sobers up. Then the jail will release them on a citation and their promise to appear in court. Or they may have to post bail before they can be released. The defendant will be allowed to leave if bail is posted and the judge approves of the release. The arraignment is the next time an alleged DUI offender will have to appear in court. If it is a felony, a preliminary hearing is later held to determine if there is reasonable cause to have a trial. In California, a DUI conviction does not always mean a jail sentence. But it is important that you have a knowledgeable DUI lawyer on your side who can get you the help you need. If addiction is your problem, jail is not the answer.

One reason, so many people immediately go into rehabilitation clinics for alcoholism following an arrest, is to show an acceptance of their alcohol and/or drug problem and a desire to make a change. When determining California penalties for a DUI conviction, judges have many factors to consider. Repeat offenders and drivers that cause accidents and injuries face stiffer penalties than first-time DUI offenders who are arrested without causing injury or harm to others.

Judges have the ability to negotiate alternative sentencing for DUI offenders as well. In many cases, there are alternatives to jail that can better serve the defendant and the needs of the community. Attending rehabilitation, Alcoholics Anonymous, doing community service and utilizing house arrest or weekend jails; are all viable alternatives to going to prison. In cases throughout California, DUI offenders are being forced to utilize interlock devices. Our goal is always to minimize the amount of time you will have to spend away from your job and your family.

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