Registered Sex Offender Arrested in L.A. for Making Obscene Phone Calls

A 48-year-old registered sex offender was arrested at a Los Angeles area motel after he was accused of making harassing and obscene phone calls to a business associated with children. According to a news report in the Los Angeles Times, police were called to the business after the owner reported receiving several “graphic and sexual telephone calls.” Covina police then put a trace on the business’s phone allowing them to capture the telephone number the next time a call came in. Detectives tracked the phone number to the sex offender registered with the Glendora Police Department. The man was apparently residing in various motels in Los Angeles and Orange counties. His prior offenses include indecent exposure and child annoyance.

Being convicted of a sex offense in Los Angeles can have very serious consequences. A convicted sex offender often faces jail or prison time depending on the seriousness of the allegations. In addition, sex offenders are also required to register with local law enforcement agencies. Convicted sex offenders, even if they have served their time, have a tough time getting a job, finding a place to live, and reintegrating back into society.

With every conviction, life can get more and more difficult. That is why it is important that every charge, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, be fought aggressively. Anyone facing sex crime charges in Los Angeles would be well advised to contact an experience criminal defense lawyer who will protect their rights. The skilled Los Angeles County sex crime defense attorneys at Sitkoff & Hanrahan have been able to get sex crime charges reduced or dismissed for our clients. Please contact us at (866) 430-8383 for a no-cost consultation.

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