Pomona DUI Crackdown Joins Police Department Regional Effort

According to this recent Inland Valley Daily Bulletin article, Pomona city leaders have authorized their police department to join other law enforcement agencies in the area in a three-year regional effort to crack down on drunken drivers. Pomona’s city council voted 6-1 in favor of joining a wide range of state, county, and local law enforcement agencies throughout the area in the “Avoid the 100 DUI Campaign” that began over this past holiday season.

This campaign targets people driving under the influence in California and includes checkpoints, saturation patrols, media campaigns, and other operations designed to catch motorists with a history of driving under the influence. Since the campaign began, law enforcement officials throughout Southern California have stepped up efforts to remove drivers operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Their checkpoints, which are set up at strategic locations with little or no advance warning, have resulted in dozens of DUI arrests and scores of other charges from weapons violations to possession of controlled substances and other violations.

If you or someone you care for has been charged with driving under the influence as part of the regional DUI crackdown, you could face steep fines, revocation of driving privileges, community service, lengthy prison or jail sentences, and others penalties. Rather than represent yourself in court and DMV hearings, you may want to have an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer at your side to protect your rights, explain your options, and work hard on your behalf.

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