Former Raiders Quarterback Arrested for Probation Violation

Former Los Angeles Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich is back in jail after authorities say the 39-year-old was arrested after missing a drug rehabilitation progress review in a Newport Beach court. According to this news report, Marinovich’s alleged probation stems from his guilty plea on California drug charges two years ago. Marinovich pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine, syringe and resisting arrest. The judge at the time placed Marinovich on five years of probation and ordered him to spend one year at a drug rehabilitation center. Marinovich reportedly has nine prior cases in Orange County courts.

A Drug Court in California is a special court that is given the responsibility of select felony and misdemeanor cases involving non-violent drug-using offenders. The program consists of frequent random drug testing, probation, drug treatment counseling and use of sanctions and incentives. The Drug Court Judge is actively involved in supervising offenders who participate in this program. After an individual successfully completes the criminal drug court program, the drug charge against him or her is dismissed. However, when individuals in this program relapse, go back to using drugs, fail to attend or return to their old ways, the court imposes sanctions. In some cases, the defendants may not get a second chance and the judge may impose a jail sentence.

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