Orange County Cities Consider Keeping Sex Offenders Out of Parks

Several cities in Orange County, including Irvine and Westminster, are in the process of deciding whether to further restrict the rights of convicted sex offenders by not allowing them into city parks. According to a news report in The Daily Pilot, these citywide ordinances would ban sex offenders from playgrounds and city parks unless they receive permission from an Orange County sheriff. Penalties for violating this new law could include up to six months in jail and a $500 fine. If passed, parents who have been convicted of a sex crime in the past will not be able to bring their children to a public playground without seeking permission. Orange County supervisors have already voted in favor of banning convicted sex offenders from all parks in the county.

There are already a number of long-term penalties that alleged sex offenders must face. Under Megan’s Law, for example, certain sex offenders are required to register with the local law enforcement agency in their city of residence. Anyone with access to the internet can view where they live, what crime they were convicted of, and in some cases, a photo of the person.

Many registered sex offenders may difficulty finding employment because of a prior conviction. Employers who are required to perform background checks are not likely to hire someone with a sex crime on their record. The initial criminal penalties and the long-term consequences are why it is crucial that anyone facing sex crime charges seek the counsel of an experienced sex crime defense lawyer.

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