Los Angeles Ranked in Top 10 U.S. Cities for Alcohol-Related Driving Violations

A new survey from Insurance.com studied 20 metropolitan cities in the United States and ranked four major California cities in the top ten for highest in alcohol-related driving violations. San Diego was ranked first and San Jose second; Los Angeles and San Francisco came in at seventh and eighth place, respectively.

The survey analyzed data reported by individuals looking for car insurance quotes over the last three years. Strict law enforcement may have played a key role in whether or how a city was ranked in the study, though it is important to note other factors, such as significant nightlife or a close proximity to colleges, could also contribute to the frequency of a metropolitan city’s alcohol-related driving violations.

It is illegal to drive in California with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher. If convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles, you may face severe punishment such as license suspension or jail, even as a first-time offender. Harsher penalties are in place for multiple drunken driving offenses.

To determine whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol, police officers in California use a set of field sobriety tests (FSTs). These tests are a one-leg stand, the “walk and turn,” and a horizontal gaze nystagmus test. These tests all have a huge margin of error. Breathalyzer test results can also be inconsistent if the instrument isn’t calibrated properly. You may refuse to perform these tests, but know that the penalties for refusing a chemical test (such as a breathalyzer or blood test) are significant.

An experienced Los Angeles DUI defense attorney will analyze the circumstances surrounding your drunk driving arrest and help protect your rights. At Sitkoff & Hanrahan, our aggressive criminal defense lawyers will determine whether your rights were violated or if testing error contributed to your arrest. If you are accused of driving under the influence in Los Angeles, please contact Sitkoff & Hanrahan and we will review your case carefully to establish whether charges against you can be thrown out or reduced. Call us at 866-430-8383 today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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