Lindsay Lohan: Jail or Rehab?

Today, Lindsay Lohan is required to appear in person for a probation violation hearing for a drug test she failed last month relating to her DUI case. Lohan has been at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, voluntarily for the past three weeks since she was bailed out of jail on September 24. It is Lohan’s fifth time in rehab, and may affect whether Lohan appears in court tomorrow.

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Steve Sitkoff is not involved in Lohan’s case but told, “The key here is her progress in treatment. The better she’s doing in rehab, the less likely Judge Elden Fox will throw her in jail. Judge Fox has to balance whether to help Lindsay with her addiction or punish her with jail. But if she continues to mess up by not following the court’s orders, he won’t hesitate to lock her up.”

There are a number of possible scenarios that may happen today. The famous actress may be found in violation and immediately sent back to jail, or she could be ordered to stay in rehab in lieu of jail. If her attorney provides a letter from the Betty Ford Center that details Lohan’s progress in rehab, she may skip the hearing altogether. There’s also a possibility Judge Fox may postpone the hearing to see how well Lohan does in treatment.

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