Montebello Kaiser Doctor Accused of Molesting Patient

A 41-year-old doctor has been arrested for sexually assaulting a female patient during a physical exam in July, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports. Police say the doctor is facing three felony charges, which were filed after a six-month investigation. The doctor, who saw patients at Kaiser Permanente’s Montebello offices, molested a female patient in her 30s during a routine physical examination, officials say. Charges filed include sexual battery by fraud, sexual exploitation by a physician, and sexual penetration by a foreign object. The doctor has been with Kaiser for about seven years and has no prior criminal record, according to the article. He has been placed on administrative leave. No additional victims have come forward.

Sex crime allegations can prove devastating, especially for professionals who are required to interact with people on a daily basis. For a doctor or a teacher, for example, a sex crime conviction can spell the end of a career. In addition, those convicted of sex crimes face significant consequences, including prison time, hefty fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Even after serving their time, sex offenders are subject to scrutiny by law enforcement officials or community members. Even a sex crime allegation is sufficient enough to taint an individual’s reputation and affect his or her standing in the community.

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