Comedian Katt Williams Arrested after Failing to Appear in Court

Comedian and actor Katt Williams has followed up his recent spate of arrests by not appearing in court for an incident involving a police chase. On November 25, 2012 Williams led police on a chase through Sacramento while riding a three-wheeled motorcycle on the wrong side of the road. He was arrested on December 8, 2012 for that incident but was released after posting bail.

He was arrested again on December 28, 2012 for child endangerment after police found large quantities of illegal drugs and weapons in his home. All of his four children were taken away. According to a news report in The International Business Times, Williams was arrested the night of January 8, 2013 at his Los Angeles home for failing to appear in court in connection with the Sacramento incident. He is being held on $105,000 bail.

Having a warrant out for your arrest – whether it is for a drug, DUI or sex crime charge — can be shocking and stressful. If you have failed to appear in court, the authorities will track you down and arrest you. It is a mistake to ignore court appearance requests, and it is possible to face additional penalties including jail sentences, heavy fines or license suspensions.

Under California Law, there are very few excuses for missing a court date. It may be possible to avoid penalties for failing to appear if you are in the military, in jail or hospitalized. You will have to have documentation that proves exactly where you were and why you were unable to attend your court hearing. It is not advisable to ignore warrants or to avoid court dates. Even if you are facing misdemeanor charges, an outstanding warrant will likely catch up with you eventually. There are many more legal options available for individuals who address the problem before being arrested.

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