Sitkoff & Hanrahan Launches New Sex Crime Defense Website

The California criminal defense law firm of Sitkoff & Hanrahan is proud to make known the introduction of its new California sex crime defense website which focuses on the many legal complexities of various sexual offenses. The resourceful site,, is designed to help educate the public on the legal issues pertaining to rape, solicitation, molestation, sexual battery, lewd conduct, and much more.

As sex crime defense attorneys who have years of experience in California, Sitkoff & Hanrahan hopes its new website will be used as a helpful tool for those seeking information pertaining to sexual offenses and the consequences thereof. Sex crimes are often viewed with an unforgiving eye in our society even before an actual verdict has been made. Accusations relating to sexual offenses should never be taken or made lightly, considering the strict penalties that can be imposed upon a person. If convicted for a sex crime in California, a person may potentially be punished by having to register as a sex offender, serve a lengthy jail sentence, pay large fines, and risk the demise of close relationships with family and friends in addition to experiencing difficulty obtaining employment in the future.

With 60 years combined experienced as special investigators, trial lawyers, and prosecutors, the criminal defense attorneys at Sitkoff & Hanrahan know how important it is for those facing sex crime charges to understand their rights and the potential consequences that may result if convicted. For more information on sex crimes in California, visit www. or call Sitkoff & Hanrahan today.

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