Three Los Angeles Police Officers Charged with Lying in Drug Crime Case

Two Los Angeles police officers and a former officer were charged with conspiracy and perjury for lying under oath in a Los Angeles drug crime case, according to an Associated Press news report. Two of the officers testified in a drug crime trial last year that they saw the defendant throw a dark object. One of the officers testified that he picked up the object and found crack cocaine.

Based on surveillance camera video obtained from the apartment complex where the incident occurred, a judge has determined that the officers took more than 20 minutes to “find” the drugs. The judge has also dismissed charges against the defendant. Not only are federal prosecutors now conducting a civil rights investigation, but the defendant has also filed a civil complaint against the LAPD alleging that the three officers planted evidence, wrote false police reports, and committed perjury.

This is an extremely disturbing case especially because it shows that sometimes, law enforcement officials can act unethically; lying about the evidence, falsifying police reports and even being untruthful under oath. This allegedly occurred in a drug crime case where the defendant had a lot at stake. Had the surveillance video not been obtained, this individual could have faced some serious jail time and many other hardships.

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