Three Arrested for Operating Indoor Pot Farm in Los Angeles

Los Angeles police arrested three people for operating an elaborate marijuana growing operation in a San Fernando Valley industrial building barely 25 feet away from a police station. According to an Associated Press news report, the marijuana was discovered after officers served a search warrant at the building in Canoga Park. The indoor pot farm included lights, automatic irrigation and a ventilation system. Los Angeles Police Department Authorities say the three arrestees are facing multiple drug charges.

The severity of drug or marijuana cultivation charges in Los Angeles depend on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, and the quantity and type of drugs that have been seized. If convicted of cultivating marijuana, even if you are part of a marijuana “collective”, those facing drug charges could be looking at significant jail time, hefty fines and other harsh penalties. Drug crimes involving possession of large quantities of marijuana or narcotics, possession for sale or transportation, will almost always involve felony charges. In California, a felony drug crime could well become a “third strike,” which could send a defendant to prison for the rest of his or her life.

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