Three Arrested for Growing Marijuana

Three people were arrested after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials seized more than 300 marijuana plants at a home in Lancaster. According to a CBS News report, deputies found two bedrooms and a large room in Lancaster that were all converted to a marijuana growing facility. The grow areas had sophisticated lighting and automatic irrigation. A 23-year-old man was arrested inside the home and two others were arrested in the backyard of a home nearby. All three men were arrested for marijuana possession related charges under the California Health and Safety Code.

In California, marijuana possession and use of most drugs, even if it is for personal use, is a felony. Misdemeanor drug offenses include possession of marijuana, being under the influence of a drug, and possession of drug paraphernalia such as bongs, pipes or needles. It is also a felony to possess or buy illegal drugs with the intent of selling them. Evidence for intent to sell can include items such as weighing scales, large amounts of cash or cutting agents. In any drug case, it is important to look into whether the search and seizure was conducted properly by the police. Were the defendant’s constitutional rights violated? If that was the case, the court may dismiss the drug or marijuana possession charges.

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