Three Arrested on Drug Charges in Ventura County

Three men were arrested in Thousand Oaks recently for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance and possessing methamphetamine, according to The Ventura County Star. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies say there were alerted about a group of individuals who were at a Radio Shack in Moorpark buying a police scanner. Deputies later spotted the group and arrested the three men on drug charges, and were reported to have been in a stolen vehicle. A woman who was with them was arrested for alleged strong-arm robbery. An investigation is ongoing.

A drug offense in Ventura County usually involves the possession, sale or transportation of any drug, intoxicant or drug paraphernalia that is prohibited by law. A majority of drug offenses in California are felonies. Whether a drug crime is charged as a misdemeanor or felony depends on the quantity of drugs seized, the circumstances of the arrest, and the prior criminal history of the defendant. The consequences of a drug crime conviction can also be extremely severe. Depending on the nature and severity of the charges, a defendant could be looking at time in prison, hefty fines, or entering into a mandatory drug rehabilitation program.

For first-time drug offenders, alternative sentencing options may be available. Proposition 36, for example, allows a person convicted of a non-violent drug crime to get probation and drug treatment instead of jail time. Both first-time and repeat offenders may be able to participate in “drug court,” which is a special court that closely supervises select felony and misdemeanor drug cases. This program is not available to those involved in violent crimes. Another alternative is a “diversion” program where the defendant enters a guilty plea, but instead of getting sentenced to jail goes through a diversion program, which is a series of classes. Participants will be subject to random drug testing and a failed drug test could land the individual back in court or jail.

When it comes to drug crimes, jail or prison is not always the solution. The experienced Ventura County drug crime defense lawyers of Sitkoff & Hanrahan have successfully handled a variety of drug cases from misdemeanor drug possession to felony crimes. Call us today at 866-430-8383 to discuss your case at absolutely no-cost to learn how we can protect your rights.

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