Santa Ana Robbery Charges Against Suspected Gang Members

Two suspected gang members in Orange County have been arrested in connection with an attempted street robbery in Santa Ana, The Orange County Register reports. Santa Ana police officials say the robbery occurred when two men were accosted by the alleged gang members. The suspects demanded one of the alleged victims to turn over his backpack. When he refused, the man was assaulted and threatened with a knife, officials said.

The victims ran into a convenience store nearby and called police, who then located three men not far from the scene. The victims identified two of the men as the alleged robbers. One suspect, 16, was arrested for felony attempted robbery and taken to juvenile hall. Another suspect, 19, was arrested for attempted robbery.

Robbery is a felony and a serious crime because it involves the taking of property of another with the use of force or fear. Often times, it involves the element of physical threat and usually involves a weapon. In this case, it was a knife, but sometimes it could involve a firearm. In cases where there is a weapon or gang involvement, defendants are certain to face stiffer penalties and longer incarceration if convicted.

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