Rialto DUI Fatal Collision Results in Murder Charges

Police arrested a man on suspicion of drunk driving in Rialto after he allegedly struck a vehicle, killing one woman and injuring three others during a police pursuit. According to this news report in the San Bernardino Sun, police arrested 19-year-old Johnny Morales on CA vehicular manslaughter charges because, officials say, he was driving under the influence of alcohol. Police officers attempted to stop Morales at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Rancho Avenue after they reportedly saw him make a traffic violation. He did not stop and police pursued him.

The chase ended when Morales rear-ended a 1991 Honda Accord that was making a left turn onto Foothill from Riverside Avenue. Margarita Rodriguez-Dominguez, a 40-year old Rialto resident who was one of the Accord’s passengers, died. The driver and two other passengers were injured.

Drunk driving in California may be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. In this case, where it involved fatal and serious injuries, the defendant was charged with a serious felony – murder. The situation was worsened because Morales allegedly tried to flee from the police when they attempted to stop him.

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