Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Playing Tennis in Irvine Park

A 51-year-old Garden Grove man was arrested in Orange County for playing tennis in an Irvine park. According to an NBC Los Angeles news report, the man was arrested at Citrus Glen Park in Irvine. Officials say the man is prohibited from entering any park or recreational facility as a registered sex offender. Irvine is one of only 13 cities in Orange County that passed an ordinance which prohibits convicted sex offenders from entering a city park without prior police permission. He has been registered since 1996 when he was convicted for misdemeanor child annoyance in Cypress. He is currently on probation for an indecent exposure conviction in Garden Grove earlier this year.

Irvine’s ordinance went into effect in July 2011. The county ban created child safety zones at county parks and harbors. Anyone registered as a sex offender can only enter these areas after applying for and receiving written permission from the county.

These restrictions are just one example of the many consequences that result from a sex crime conviction in Orange County. Registered sex offenders have their information posted online for everyone to view. They also have restrictions on where they can live and what type of job they can have. They are even required to update their status regularly with local law enforcement. Registration as a sex offender is a permanent requirement that will affect the individual socially and professionally for the rest of their lives.

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