Rapper “Too Short” Will Not Face Meth Charges

Rapper Todd Anthony “Too Short” Shaw was arrested in Los Angeles for driving under the influence and for possessing meth. According to a Fox News report, Los Angeles prosecutors have dropped the possession charges related to the March 20 incident. The Los Angeles District Attorney dropped the meth charge against the West Coast rapper but has sent the drunk driving charge for review to the city attorney. The rapper’s agent told CNN that any trace of meth on Shaw must have come from the “dirty patrol car” which he was forced to travel in.

Shaw could still face charges for drunk driving as he allegedly had a blood alcohol content level of .09, which is slightly over the legal limit. Under California law, anyone with a .08 percent blood alcohol level or higher will face DUI penalties.

A conviction for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries a number of significant penalties, including:

  • Informal probation for a period between three to five years. During this time, if the defendant drives with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system, he or she could face a yearlong license suspension.
  • Fines and fees that typically add up to about $1,400.
  • A first-offender DUI school that is three, six, or nine months long.
  • Potential jail time.
  • A license suspension or a restricted driver’s license that only allows the offender to drive to and from work.

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