Orange County Jail Cook Accused of Sexually Assaulting Inmates

A 54-year-old man from Orange County, who was a cook at a county jail facility, has been charged with sexually assaulting two inmates he was in charge of supervising. According to a news report on My Fox LA, the man has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery, assault, and battery being involved in sexual activity with an inmate in his capacity as a jail employee. If convicted, the man faces up to three and a half years behind bars and mandatory registration as a sex offender. The man is accused of inappropriately touching two inmates. Prosecutors also say he asked two released inmates to e-mail him nude pictures of themselves. Officials are looking into whether there were additional victims.

Penalties for those convicted of California sex crimes vary depending on the type and level of the charges. A misdemeanor sex crime conviction can result in up to one year in county jail. It could also include court-ordered counseling, AIDS testing, community service, probation, and fines. A felony California sex crime can result in a lengthy prison sentence. Felony crimes such as violent sexual assault or rape could be considered a “third strike.” A third strike under California’s Three Strikes Law could result in 25 years to life in prison. The severity of punishment for a sex offense will also depend on other factors, such as the defendant’s prior criminal history.

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