Nickelodeon Star Ryan Rottman’s DUI Charges Dismissed

TV star Ryan Rottman, 27, has had his DUI charges officially dismissed. According to an E! Online news report, Rottman agreed to cop to a reduced plea of alcohol-related misdemeanor reckless driving in order to have his DUI charges dismissed. Officials say the incident occurred back in July after he lost control of his vehicle, which jumped a curb in Hollywood. The Nickelodeon star now faces three years probation, a $390 fine, and a three-month alcohol education course instead of possible jail time.

There is a wide range of penalties that California drivers could face if they are charged with driving under the influence. Common DUI penalties include: jail time, heavy fines, license suspension, installation of an ignition interlock device, and mandatory alcohol treatment classes. Penalties for drunk driving can increase or decrease depending on the circumstances of the arrest, the driving history of the defendant, and whether anyone was hurt because of the actions of the driver.

It is crucial that anyone facing DUI charges in southern California seek legal guidance before discussing their case with the authorities. An experienced DUI defense attorney will be able to review the circumstances of the incident to determine if it is worth fighting the charges or if it is possible to get the charges lowered or dismissed. Failure to consider all options could result in the defendant facing unnecessarily harsh penalties.

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