Nearly 300 California Teachers remain in LAUSD Teacher Jail

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is currently enforcing a zero-tolerance policy regarding misconduct. According to a news report in The Huffington Post, this policy involves the creation of “teacher jail,” in which teachers are reassigned to office or administrative duty until their investigation concludes.

Officials say there are nearly 300 teachers who are currently collecting pay but are not being allowed to actually teach because of pending investigations. Many of these teachers were reportedly involved in alleged incidents as minor as tapping a student’s stomach or grabbing a student’s arm.

It is important to protect our children from dangerous sexual predators, but many have said that the current crackdown in LAUSD is nothing more than an unreasonable witch-hunt. It is not clear how many of the teachers who are currently not allowed to teach will face actual criminal charges.

The LAUSD’s actions were in response to two serious incidents that occurred this year. The first arrest involved a Miramonte Elementary School teacher who was accused of sexual misconduct against 23 students. Those allegations resulted in the removal of the entire school staff. A more recent incident involved a teacher at Telfair Elementary School who was arrested and sentenced to jail for molesting students.

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