Juveniles Face Vandalism Charges in Los Angeles

A tagging group in Los Angeles County has been blamed for more than 600 acts of vandalism and about $275,000 in damage. According to this CBS news report, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies served search warrants at six locations and made seven arrests including two adults and five juveniles. They were all charged with felony vandalism. The arrests reportedly followed a two-month investigation. Four of the five juveniles who were arrested were already on probation for vandalism-related crimes, the news article stated.

When juveniles face criminal charges, it is an extremely challenging situation. In most cases, these matters go through Juvenile Court and the California Juvenile Justice System as opposed to adult court. The goal of juvenile court is to help rehabilitate children whereas in adult court, the focus is on punishment. This of course does not mean that your child will not face severe punishment in juvenile court. In some cases, children may be charged as adults. This is particularly true with felony crimes or violent crimes such as robbery, sexual assault or murder.

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Source report: http://cbs2.com/local/tagging.grafitti.Antelope.2.1124322.html

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