Los Angeles Teacher Faces Federal Child Porn Charges

A 49-year-old teacher has been arrested after meeting an undercover federal agent with whom he allegedly agreed to watch child pornography. According to a KTLA news report, the Covina teacher was arrested in his Royal Oak Middle School classroom. Officials say he engaged in online chats with an agent about young boys and agreed to a meeting to watch child pornography together. Investigators then allegedly found videos depicting child pornography on his computer. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison for distributing child pornography online.

It is illegal to distribute, employ minors to participate in, advertise, develop, exchange or possess child pornography. Under California law, child pornography is defined as any material that depicts minors simulating or engaging in sexual conduct. This means that any material featuring children engaged in penetration, sadomasochistic abuse, masturbation, defecation, or exhibition of genitals is illegal…

In order to convict someone of child pornography possession, the prosecution has to show that the defendant knowingly possessed the material and should have reasonably known that the persons involved were under 18. In order to secure a conviction for child pornography distribution, the prosecution will have to prove that the content was obscene.

Obscene matter is any material that is considered patently offensive by contemporary standards. The prosecution, in distribution cases, has to show that the material in question lacks serious artistic, political, or scientific value, and therefore is offensive with no redeeming value.

Child pornography cases are scandalous in nature, and they often garner a lot of media attention. This is especially true if the defendant is a teacher or in another profession requiring interaction with children. In such cases, the defendant’s reputation and career will be put in jeopardy long before he or she gets a chance to fight the charges in court. It is crucial that anyone facing these serious charges contacts an experienced Los Angeles sex crime defense attorney to ensure that their rights are protected.

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