Los Angeles Police Crack Down On Meth Ring

Los Angeles authorities have arrested 10 people who they believe are part of a major drug smuggling ring. According to a KTLA News report, officials believe the drug ring transported 200 pounds of methamphetamine from Mexico to Southern California on a monthly basis. It is alleged that the drugs were moved in fake car batteries driven in vehicles crossing the border. Over an eight-month period, law enforcement officials have seized more than $5 million worth of drugs. Also, 31 defendants have been charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs. The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in prison without parole.

Drug charges in Orange and Los Angeles Counties can be extremely serious and involve severe penalties. There are many aspects of a case that determine the harshness of the penalties for drug offenses. For instance, possession with intent to sell presents far more serious legal consequences than possession of a controlled substance for personal use only. The amount of drugs found can also affect the nature and severity of the drug charges.

In such drug crime cases, defendants need quality legal representation from a skilled drug charges lawyer with thorough knowledge of California and federal laws, including “search and seizure.” For example, it is important to look into whether the police discovered the drugs under an illegal search and seizure operation. If it is determined that the defendant’s Constitutional rights were violated, then the case can get thrown out. In a serious drug crime case where the stakes are high, it is important to have experienced Los Angeles drug crime defense attorneys checking every detail of your case.

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