Los Angeles Man Convicted of Medicare Fraud, Identity Theft

A Los Angeles man has been convicted of Medicare fraud. According to this CBS News report, prosecutors say a Los Angeles man who prescribed unnecessary motorized wheelchairs using a doctor’s stolen identity has been convicted for defrauding Medicare for $7.7 million. The 59-year-old man was found guilty of health care fraud, conspiracy to commit health care fraud and aggravated identity theft. According to federal officials, the man prescribed hundreds of these wheelchairs to Medicare beneficiaries between 2005 and 2008. Some of the victims told officials that they were “recruited” into the scam with the promise of free exams and free medical equipment.

A federal offense in California is any offense that violates the laws contained in the United States Criminal Code. These offenses are mostly “white collar crimes” dealing with different types of fraud, including health care fraud. All federal laws passed by the United States Congress come under the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the federal government. The executive branch has the responsibility of enforcing these laws and the judicial branch adjudicates the articles contained in the U.S. criminal code.

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