Six Arrested in California Drug Sting

Six people, who allegedly work for a Mexican drug cartel, were arrested in Imperial County after undercover agents arranged to sell them 160 pounds of cocaine, according to a CBS News report. The arrests apparently involved a Mexican drug cartel believed to transport large amounts of cocaine through border crossings in Calexico. The suspects reportedly agreed to pay $1.1 million for the drugs the undercover agents promised to sell them. Each of the six defendants faces 15 years in prison if convicted of all charges that include possession and transportation of cocaine.

All drug crimes are serious. But the type of charges you could face depends on the nature and seriousness of the crime. In drug cases, some of the factors that could come into play include the type of drugs, the quantity of drugs and the reason for possession. If you possess a small amount of drugs for recreational use, the charges you face may not be as serious as if you possess large quantities of drugs meant for sale or transportation across state or international borders. Cases involving large-scale transportation of drugs or cases involving drug cartels are handled by federal authorities and federal courts.

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