LA Drug Counselor Charged With Selling Drugs to Undercover Police Officers

The founder of a Los Angeles-based anti-drug group is now facing CA drug charges of selling methamphetamine and Ecstasy to an undercover Redondo Beach police detective, according to a recent news report. The co-founder and CEO of the Wall Foundation was reportedly arrested at a Starbucks on Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo. Undercover officials made a deal with him to sell them the drugs, police said. The man was arrested when he handed the envelope to the undercover officer in exchange for $480. Officers later discovered that he actually tried to cheat them by giving them rock salt instead of meth and was trying to pass off antihistamine pills as Ecstasy.

Being convicted of drug crimes in Los Angeles, especially sale or transportation of drugs, can be rather severe. However, an accusation of drug possession can be based on an illegal search and seizure by law enforcement officials. If proper police procedures are not followed or if someone’s constitutional rights were violated either during search and seizure or during undercover operations, their drug sales case could be dismissed. Please don’t assume that you will be found guilty if you have been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

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