Judge Rules Michael Jackson’s Former Business Manager Tohme Tohme Must Testify in Dr. Conrad Murray’s Case

On Monday, March 28, a judge ruled that Tohme Tohme, the former business manager of Michael Jackson, is required to testify in Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial, CNN reports. Murray has been accused of Jackson’s death.

While a process server testified that she had given Tohme the subpoena at his home on March 3, his attorneys have argued that he was not properly served. A used car dealer testified that he was with Tohme at the alleged time at a car auction. The judge stated he was satisfied there was service in the case and was more concerned about the argument that testimony from Tohme would be irrelevant to Murray’s case.

Paul Takakjian from the Los Angeles criminal defense law firm of Sitkoff & Hanrahan is Tohme’s attorney and stated that Murray’s defense was “tossing out a fishing line” without any knowledge that Tohme knows something that would help their case. However, attorneys for Murray allege that Tohme is a key witness to show that Jackson gave himself the fatal dose of anesthesia which caused his death in 2009. They have stated they believe Tohme has “intimate knowledge” of Jackson’s finances, as well as his habits and drug usage during the months prior to his death. The defense believes that Jackson’s serious financial difficulties at this time are relevant to their argument that Jackson self-administered the fatal dose.

The judge ruled he would allow the subpoena of Tohme to stand since he was Jackson’s business manager at the time of the singer’s death, although he indicated he may consider whether to restrict the subject matter of which Tohme can be questioned. The defense says they want to question Tohme regarding the pressure on Jackson as he prepared for the shows he was to perform in London.

Now, the court continues its jury selection. Opening statements for the case are scheduled for May 9.

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Source: http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/03/28/conrad.murray.trial/index.html?iref=allsearch

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