Huntington Beach in Orange County May Post DUI Arrests on Facebook

City officials of Huntington Beach are considering posting DUI arrests in the city on Facebook to deter potential drunk drivers. According to a news report in The Los Angeles Times, Huntington Beach city officials believe that public shaming could become a worthwhile deterrent for drivers. This new tactic was proposed shortly after a local newspaper stopped printing the names of DUI drivers. It is not clear if they will post a retraction on Facebook if the driver was wrongfully arrested or not convicted.

This form of public shaming could act as a disincentive, but it could also become a serious problem for someone who was wrongfully charged with drunk driving in Huntington Beach. Should drivers who have been wrongfully arrested for a DUI endure humiliation this publically? Are we under the assumption that law enforcement officials are always right?

There is no telling what kind of negative impact a public posting of a DUI arrest on Facebook can have on a person’s personal life and career. This type of penalty is just another reason why it is crucial for anyone accused of driving under the influence to seek the counsel of an experienced Orange County DUI defense attorney right away after their arrest. A skilled lawyer will fight to have the charges reduced or dismissed immediately.

The Orange County DUI defense lawyers at Sitkoff & Hanrahan will carefully examine the details surrounding a drunk driving arrest and the specifics of the case to determine if any rights were violated. Call us at 1-866-430-8383 before speaking with the police. We always provide free consultations and comprehensive case evaluations.

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