Guilty Plea in Two-Victim DUI Manslaughter Case

A 32-year-old San Diego man pleaded guilty to charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and felony DUI causing injury for an accident that resulted in the deaths of two teenage brothers. Apparently, the man was returning home from Tijuana when his vehicle collided with a sedan which was transporting three brothers in Chula Vista. According to a San Diego News Network article, one of the brothers was declared dead at the hospital three hours following the crash. The second brother suffered brain death the next day, while the third suffered minor injuries.

The convicted man fled the scene of the fatal traffic collision but was arrested for DUI when he returned later to retrieve his wallet. He will serve 17 years in a state prison for vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI causing injury, a violation of California Vehicle Code section 23153 (a). Police said that he also has a previous robbery conviction on record in 1999.

DUI offenses are some of the most common crimes in the United States and often threaten the toughest of sentencing guidelines. Fines, probation and jail time aside, having a DUI on record can subject a person to skyrocketing insurance premiums, which can frequently be more expensive than the fines in the court’s DUI sentence.

Felony DUI causing injury convictions are even more damaging, considering that the combined DUI charges often result in more grievous penalties for a person to endure. Defense of these types of drunk driving charges is often complicated and requires an experienced DUI defense lawyer in order for a case to be successful.

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