Girlicious Singer Faces Felony Drug Charges

Natalie Nicole Mejia of the pop group Girlicious pleaded not guilty to procession of cocaine with intent to sell. She was arrested in Glendale, California in March. CBS 8 reports that police found more than a dozen bags of cocaine in her purse. She was stopped for a traffic infraction when the police found the drugs in her purse. She has posted the $30,000 bail, but is facing felony drug charges. She claims that the drugs were not hers and she does not know how they got into her purse.

Drug possession in California is a serious offense with potentially life changing penalties. Being charged with intent to sell has even greater ramifications. What changes a possession charge to a possession charge with intent to sell is the quantity of drugs found. When there are more drugs found than can be reasonably used by one person, it is assumed that the person found with the drugs plans to distribute them.

A Glendale drug crime defense attorney is necessary to help reduce the drug charges being held against you. An experienced California defense lawyer will examine the means by which the police obtained the evidence and determine if any evidence was illegally acquired. If you have been charged with possession in California, you need a defense lawyer ready to fight for you. Please contact the skilled criminal defense lawyers at Sitkoff & Hanrahan by calling 866-430-8383. We always provide a free and comprehensive initial consultation to all clients.

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