Feds Crack Down on California Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Since medical marijuana in California became available, marijuana dispensaries have become a billion dollar industry. According to an October 8, 2011 report by Bloomberg, federal officials have promised to crack down on marijuana dispensaries in Southern California by going after property owners who allow these businesses on their properties. Federal officials say the California law permitting the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes is being abused. The Board of Equalization (BOE) reports that approximately 400,000 Californians now use pot on a daily basis.

marijuana-bush_1429104.jpgOn November 5, 1996, Californians voted to approve Proposition 215 which allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Starting the next day, California Health and Safety Code 11362.7 – 11362.83 removed state-level criminal penalties for medical marijuana use. However, marijuana remains on the federal government’s list of controlled substances. In California, patients who have been diagnosed with debilitating illnesses, such as cancer, may have marijuana prescribed to them to offer some relief from the pain and suffering they undergo. Many also choose to use marijuana instead of other prescription medications to alleviate problems such as back pain.

Anytime there is a crackdown on drug use, there is the potential for innocent individuals to face wrongful charges. Dispensary workers and owners are facing harsh penalties despite having facilities that follow the many required rules and regulations. Users who are legally prescribed marijuana may face wrongful charges during the crackdown as well. Anyone charged with a marijuana crime in Los Angeles would be well advised to discuss his or her case with a skilled drug crime lawyer.

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