Could Lindsay Lohan Go Back to Jail?

Lindsay Lohan, 24, may face jail time for violating probation as police investigate charges of battery against a rehab worker. So far, the famous actress has served three sentences at a Lynwood, CA jail.

According to People, L.A. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox decided two months ago when Lohan failed a drug test that she needed more treatment as an admitted addict and that serving a jail sentence would not be the best solution. She was ordered to stay in rehab at the Betty Ford Center until at least January 3, 2011. However, when asserting that he would sentence her to six months in jail if she violated her probation again, Judge Fox stated, “I agree that relapse is a part of recovery, but I’m not going to be manipulated.”

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Steve Sitkoff, told People, “Judge Fox isn’t one to make idle threats…Especially if he decides that Lindsay was the instigator in the scuffle with the Betty Ford employee, that’ll make him more likely to punish her with jail instead of treatment.”

Facing criminal charges, especially those relating to probation violations, can be disheartening and overwhelming. This type of situation becomes all the more challenging, even for a celebrity, when an individual is trying to recover from alcoholism or drug addiction. However, with an experienced Los Angeles defense lawyer on your side, a strong case can be built on your behalf so that charges being held against you can be reduced or even dismissed altogether. If you or someone you care about faces criminal charges, contact the aggressive California criminal defense attorneys at Sitkoff & Hanrahan. Call 866-430-8383 today for a free and confidential consultation.

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