Charges Stemming from Fatal Los Angeles DUI Collisions

Cases involving fatal car accidents can be extremely complicated and often lead to life-changing penalties. Penalties in drunk driving cases can increase dramatically when an accident results in fatalities. These are charges that could result in severe punishment, such as lengthy prison time and hefty fines.

A person who causes a fatal car accident while under the influence could face California vehicular manslaughter or even murder charges. Under California Penal Code section 191.5 (a) states: “Gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought, in the driving of a vehicle, where the driving” involved alcohol consumption. In such cases, drivers may face drunk driving charges as well as vehicular manslaughter charges.

Vehicular manslaughter involving alcohol without gross negligence can result in a county jail sentence up to one year or 16 months, or even a two or four year state prison sentence. Vehicular manslaughter with intoxication and gross negligence can result in a one-year county jail sentence or up to 10 years in state prison. Repeat DUI offenders in California could face murder charges.

Anyone facing these serious charges would be well advised to contact a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney right away. The Los Angeles DUI defense lawyers at Sitkoff & Hanrahan have significant experience handling DUI and vehicular manslaughter cases. Please contact us at (866) 430-8383 today to discuss your case at absolutely no cost.

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