Actress Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI in West Hollywood

Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) after she attempted to pass a cop car in her black BMW and ended up sideswiping the police vehicle. According to a TMZ news report, the 26-year-old Bynes was pulled over following the incident. Police conducted a DUI investigation and determined that she was intoxicated. TMZ reports that Bynes has been seen at several Hollywood parties recently.

On St. Patrick’s Day, TMZ’s camera crew saw Bynes leaving a club in Hollywood when she appeared to be extremely intoxicated. One of the cameramen tried to stop the actress from getting in her vehicle, but she got into the driver’s seat and took off. She apparently had another brush with the law recently when she “bolted from a cop who was writing her a ticket” for talking on a cell phone. She later went to the police station and signed her ticket. It is not clear if she will face any additional charges in connection with that incident.

Whether we are celebrities or commoners, drunk driving charges in Los Angeles can have serious consequences, which could include driver’s license suspension, jail time, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, and enrollment in an alcohol education program. Related costs such as court fees, fines, and CA auto insurance rate hikes can add up very quickly.

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