148 Orange County Drunk Driving Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

Orange County saw a jump in drunk driving arrests this year over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. An OC Register article reports that 148 individuals in Orange County were arrested for driving while under the influence.

Checkpoints and saturation patrols were held from Friday, May 27, to the night of Monday, May 30. During this enforcement period last year, 139 DUI arrests were conducted. According to the article, arrest numbers are anticipated to be even higher since some law enforcement agencies in Orange County haven’t yet reported their DUI arrest results for the weekend.

The Memorial Day DUI crackdown was led by the multiagency anti-DUI task force known as “Avoid the 38,” which is made up of the Sheriff’s Department, local police departments, and the California Highway Patrol.

It is expected that the next “Avoid” enforcement campaign will consist of an 18-day period at the end of August that will include checkpoints, roving patrols, and court stings.

Anyone who has ever been pulled over by a law enforcement officer knows that nervous, tense, and stressful feeling of doom. However, it is important for people to remember that they have valid legal rights. During saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints, law enforcement officers can be especially particular or even make mistakes when arresting a person for drunk driving.

Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol doesn’t in any way mean that you are guilty or that you will end up having to serve jail time, pay steep fees, or have your license suspended. The sooner you contact an Orange County DUI arrest attorney, the better your chances are of having your drunk driving charges reduced or dismissed altogether. Contact the Southern California criminal defense law firm of Sitkoff & Hanrahan today by calling 866-430-8383. We can help.

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